1. beerman49 says

    I have serious doubts about that poster’s credibility:

    1. Arkansas: Horse racing is alive & well there (Arkansas Derby for thoroughbreds & many big quarter-horse races) – trust me, I’m a horseplayer (as in wagering on).
    2. PA – nada on the WORST liquor laws in any state I’ve ever visited (37 so far)
    3. No mention of WA & OR, which have “Blue Laws” on booze
    4. No mention of VA & the Carolinas having state-run/controlled liquor stores that are not open on Sundays
    5. “Blue Laws” (as in what’s prohibited on Sunday), equate to most people as alcohol-related; this one has more BS about other stuff than about alcohol!

    Nice try – they flunked. “Blue Laws” are absurd, & I hope some folks in the oppressed states (especially PA) can get the gumption up to tell the lawmakers to face reality & make things more consumer-friendly.

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