New Binding Website

The Binding Brauerei Group announced today a new website for the U.S. market has been launched. The Binding Group, known as the Radeberger Group in their native Germany, owns several beer brands and imports at least five of them to the United States: Radeberger, Clausthaler, DAB, Krusovice and Tucher.

Radeberger Pilsner is a world class pilsner and brewed in the town of Radeberg, just outside Dresden. The brewery itself is beautiful as is the surrounding area of what was once part of East Germany. If you get a chance to visit Dresden and Radeberg, I highly recommend it. Be sure to order the unfiltered version of their pilsner, a Zwickel, available exclusively at the brewery. It’s wonderful. Radeberger was recently featured as the beer in the sophomoric film Beerfest, which is a shame because the beer is so much better than their association with the film might otherwise imply.

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