Who Is The Craft Beer Drinker?

With only two days left in the year of the infographic, I have a few more left to fit in before the year ends. Today’s second one is entitled Who is the Craft Beer Drinker?. It was created by SteadyServ Technologies, makers of a “mobile, SaaS-based inventory and order management system for the beer industry.”

Click here to see the infographic full size.


    • beerman49 says

      Damn straight – ’twas around 1981 for me, when I hooked up w/a homebrew club – to this day, the most eclectic group I’ve ever belonged to. 5 yrs from now, that 2% probably will be closer to 10 as the “boomer” beer geeks age. For sure, it’s been a helluva ride that just keeps getting better!

  1. Molly says

    I believe your infographic is visually incorrect. For age, visually, it shows that 26-34 year old people drink the most craft beer (26.4%). However, according to the numbers, people aged 35-49 drink the most craft beer (41.5%). This makes me question the reliability of the information.

    • says

      Molly, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, as I thought was abundantly clear in the text of the post, I am not the author of the infographic but was merely sharing it. Feel free to reach out to the actual creator, SteadyServ Technologies.

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