NBA Beer Prices

Last year, I posted about how high beer prices were at NFL Football stadiums, and, not surprisingly, the same is true for NBA Basketball games, as well. According to the Bleacher Report’s NBA Beer Prices Are Absurd, the price for a beer at an NBA game starts at $5 and can go for as much as $9, depending on the arena. The other interesting finding is that there doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for the price disparity and, naturally, team owners can charge whatever they want. Why people will actually pay that much … well, that’s a larger discussion. Below is a chart of NBA pricing across the league. It appears that between $7 and $7.50 is the average, which is, as the title of the piece suggests, a pretty absurd price for a small beer.

While the NBA story doesn’t break it down by ounces, as the NFL one did, is does say that the pricing is for “a small beer.” And while that’s not defined, the NFL average was $7.28 for 17 oz., I have to assume a “small” is less than that, probably closer to 12 or possibly 14 ounces. And if that’s true, that would make NBA beer even pricier than at an NFL game, which is pretty hard to swallow.


The Very Many Varieties of Beer

Today’s infographic shows the Very Many Varieties of Beer, created by Pop Chart Lab. For $27, you can buy yourself a copy of this infographic. It’s similar to the one I posted last month, but is older and doesn’t have the glassware suggestions, just the beer styles.

Click here to see the poster full size.

For some reason, there’s another version of this infographic around, with only difference (I think) being that some of the beers are in blue rectangles.

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