Beer Birthday: Brendan Moylan

marin moylans
Today is Brendan Moylan’s 56th birthday. Brendan owns both his eponymous Moylan’s Brewing as well as Marin Brewing. He’s a very active part of both the local and beer community, and each year puts on the Breasfest to benefit breast cancer awareness. Join me in wishing Brendan a very happy birthday.

Arne Johnson sporting his four gold medals won at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival with Brendan at a recent beer dinner.

Shane Aldrich and Arne Johnson, from Marin Brewing, Brendan Moylan, who owns both, and Denise Jones and Jim Grbac, from Molyan’s Brewing after the award ceremonies at GABF three years ago.

Brendan Moylan and me in front of Monk's Cafe
Brendan and in me in front of Monk’s Cafe in Philadelphia during Philly Beer Week in 2010.

Brendan and his wife at the Breastfest that Marin Brewing sponsors in 2010.


  1. Pat Mace says

    May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience,
    and enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint!
    Happy Birthday Neighbor!

  2. Beerman49 says

    Keep on doin’ it! Was sad to hear of Noonan’s demise (today, from one of the owners of Elevation 66, which is my “local”) – it was a great place to get away from the crowds & grab a bite when the Breastfest was @ Larkspur Landing.

    I’ve known Brendan since the mid 80’s, when he was a member of the San Andreas Malts homebrewing club, & I’ve crossed paths w/him many times since he got into the brewpub business, at which he’s done very well. If you’re visiting the Bay Area, you won’t go wrong by visiting either of his brewpubs.

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