Beer Birthday: Brian Stechschulte

There’s a rumor that today is also the birthday of Brian Stechschulte, executive director of the San Francisco Brewers Guild. I’m just guessing at Brian’s age, but by my reckoning he’s got to be about 37 this year. In addition to his work with the guild and SF Beer Week, he also writes online at All Over Beer and Bygone Beer. Brian’s a terrific ambassador for beer and has been a welcome and wonderful addition to the guild. I think of him as a kindred spirit. Please join me in wishing Brian a very happy birthday.

Brian’s profile picture, used without permission but begged for here in the hopes that in the spirit of its use will be granted magnanimously.

Brian with Acacia Coast, from the Brewers Association.

Bob Brewer, from Anchor Brewing, with Brian at GABF a couple of years ago.

Brian after grad school graduation in 2003. Notice the can of beer he’s drinking.
[Note: The last three photos purloined from Brian’s Facebook friends, blame them.]

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