Beer Birthday: Glenn Payne

Today would have been the 63rd birthday of Glenn Payne, an Englishman who wore many beer hats, but unfortunately passed away two years ago. I first met Glenn many moons ago when he was the beer buyer for Safeway in the UK. Since then, we’ve judged together many times at both GABF and the World Beer Cup, and once at the Great British Beer Festival, too. He’s been involved with Meantime Brewing among too many projects for me to keep track of, and he’s been a great ambassador for British beer but, perhaps more importantly, for American beer in Great Britain. Join me in drinking a toast to Glenn’s memory. Cheers, mate.

Glenn Payne and Melissa Cole, from the UK
Glenn, with Melissa Cole, at GABF in 2009.

With Chris and Cheryl Black, owners of the Falling Rock, Mark Dorber, formerly the publican of the White Horse in London (and now owner of the Anchor) and Glenn Payne at the Brewers Reception at Wynkoop during GABF Week in 2007.

Glenn Payne & Greg Koch
Glenn with Greg Koch, from Stone Brewing, also at GABF in 2009.

Glenn accepting a World Beer Cup award on behalf of a British brewery who couldn’t be there in 2008.


  1. Steve sharples says

    Its a sad day – nearly christmas 2015 – ADT has just told us that Glenn has gone to the big bar in the sky

    Glenn mate please rest in peace

  2. Bill Covaleski says

    Aaah, to see Glenn’s smiling face in these photos reminds me of all the pleasure he brought and enjoyed with us all. Will miss you, buddy! You were a beacon of appreciation in the inky abyss that existed before craft beer ascended.

  3. says

    Oh man, this is terrible news. I had a quick chat with him at this year’s GABF, he was in great spirits. My sympathies to his many beer industry friends and family.


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