Beer Birthday: Greg Hall

virtue goose-island
Today is also the 51st birthday of Greg Hall, former brewmaster at Goose Island Brewing. Goose Island, of course, makes some incredible beers. Founded by Greg’s father John Hall in 1988, Greg became brewmaster a few years later and has been setting high standards ever since, though he left after the family business was acquired by ABI. His new venture is Virtue Cider. Join me in wishing Greg a very happy birthday.

Greg with Alex Puchner, head of brewing operations for BJs.

Greg with the owners of Monk’s Kettle in San Francisco.

Wil Turner, also with Goose Island, me and Greg at the 2006 GABF.

Greg pulling a proper pint of English brewed Honkers Ale at the Crosse Keys in London (this last photo purloined from Facebook).


  1. beerman49 says

    Visited both GI pubs this summer (the original before, Wrigleyville after the Great Taste of the Midwest & enjoyed great beer & good food. I’d been to the one in Wrigleyville on a previous trip to Chi-town.

    Wish we out here in northern CA could still get GI 12-packs at Trader Joe’s as we did late 90’s-early 00’s, but we still can find occasional varieties @ BevMo.

    Keep up the good work – I hope to be back there next year!

  2. says

    Greg Hall stepped down as Goose Island brewmaster this year after it was acquired by ABI. His new project is Virtue Cider, which I find intriguing… he wil no doubt bring some innovative techniques to the world of cider. There’s been talk of using Brett, barrel-aging, etc.

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