Beer Birthday: Tom Nickel

Today is Tom Nickel’s birthday, who turns the big 4-0 this year. Tom was a brewer at Oggi’s in San Diego and now owns O’Brien’s, one of the best beer bars in San Diego. Join me in wishing Tom a very happy birthday.

Tom (third from the left) at OBF with John Harris from Full Sail to his left and Tom’s former girlfriend Becky on his arm. I don’t recall who the fellow is on the far left.

Tom in the dunk tank to raise money for the brewer’s guild the night before OBF at the brewer’s dinner.

Tom Nickel & Will Turner @ Wynkoop
Tom with Wil Turner, from Goose Island, at a GABF brewer’s reception a few years ago.

Tom and me at GABF in 2005.


  1. Kim & Paul Allison says

    Add: during and then after leaving Ballast Point/ HBM….Tom spent many a’hour brewing up some yummy recipes on Paul Allison’s backyard system. It was no wonder that the brews the Allison’s tasted at Oggie’s tasted a wee bit familiar…and especially tasty. They remarked to the server, who brewed this beer and then spied Tom’s name atop the brew menu.

    Happy B-day old friend!!!

    The Allison’s

  2. Dave Suurballe says

    The mystery guy might be Dwayne or Duane or whatever from Stumptown coffee roastery in SW Portland. Nice guy.

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