Beer In Art #114: Sam Rigling’s Crying In His Beer

This week’s work of art is by American artist Sam Rigling, who it appears is from around Shreveport, Louisiana. The title of the painting is Crying in His Beer.”


There’s not much information about Rigling, or the painting. The Fine Frame Gallery has the following:

Many of Rigling’s paintings exhibit an undercurrent of humor depicting small fragments of the “human comedy.” Scenes in his paintings often depict bar scenes, conversation or parties. He has participated in many one-man and group shows, winning many honors and fans. Galleries throughout North America have represented Sam. Fine Frame Gallery has been selling his work for over 15 years and is pleased to represent such a fine artist. His paintings are in collections in Canada, the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

And here’s one of his many paintings depicting scenes in bars, this one’s titled One For the Road.


You can see a few more of Rigling’s paintings at the Fine Frame Gallery and Nader’s Gallery.

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