Beer In Art #157: Edouard Manet’s Two Women Drinking Bocks

Today’s work of art is by the prolific French artist Edouard Manet, and this is the fourth time I”ve featured a beer-themed work of art by him. This one is a pastel created in 1878. It’s known as Two Women Drinking Bocks. Today, the original is part of the Burrell Collection in Glasgow, Scotland.


It’s one of his lesser-known works and I’ve been unable to find much specific information about it. But’s a beautifully intimate portrait of a simple scene; two friends sharing a beer. And I love the way the piece is pulled together with the bright blue color that seems to glow, both on the women’s clothing and the stripes on the wall.

To learn more about Edouard Manet, you can start with Wikipedia and there’s also a nice biography at the Impressionniste. The Art Archive or the ArtCyclopedia are both good places to see more of his work. Also the Edouard Manet Gallery purports to have a complete gallery of his works, as does WikiPaintings.


  1. beerman49 says

    That’s a wonderful painting, but, unfortunately, the full effect of impressionistic paintings doesn’t translate well in shrunken 2-D. I love both Manet & Monet.

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