1. Adam says

    Better than nothing, but I like how Germany does it: collect from customers, wash, sanitize, refill, relabel. Still to this day, a bottle without two rings around it from repeated use doesn’t look right to me.

    • says

      I do wonder if the costs and chemicals involved in shipping, cleaning, sanitizing, sorting, relabeling, etc. aren’t equal to those involved in just recycling the glass and starting fresh. Plus, it works for high volume bottles like Coke, but what would you do with a bottle from a small brewery that made its way across the country, and is a different color/shape than the other bottles?

  2. Akatangata says

    Better yet do it the way most small American brewer’s do it – Draft only ! Or even better – Brew pub serving tanks

    (think globally, drink locally – Mike Hale, Hale Brewig Co. – Seattle)

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