Beer In Ads #755: George Washington For Budweiser

Monday’s ad is an old one for Budweiser, from the 1908. The black and white ad is text-heavy and includes a history lesson on Washington, along with this beautiful ad copy. “It shines like liquid gold — it sparkles like amber dew — it quickens with life — a right lusty beer — brewed conscientiously for over fifty years from barley and hops only.” But they’re not done yet. “It prolongs youth and preserves physical charm — giving strength to muscle, mind and bone — a right royal beverage for the home.”


The Moon-Faced Man

Here’s an odd artifact, a postcard from 1910, with a Holland, Michigan postmark, featuring an illustration of a moon-faced man and the following poem:

Bike the moon, my brethren dear,
I am “full” as full can be,
Full of grace and lager beer,
Full of food and sanctity!