Alstroms Profiled in “The Pour”

A Bulletin reader in Hawaii sent me this link (thanks, Doug). Eric Asimov’s New York Times’ column The Pour, is one of the few columns in a big, mainstream paper to write about beer in a respectful tone, without the condescension so prevalent in much of the media’s mis-handling of better beer. I’ve always enjoyed his pieces, and am pleased so prominent a paper as the Times seems to “get it” more often than the rest. Today’s column, entitled “Overcoming a Frat Party Reputation,” features a nice profile of Todd and Jason Alström, the founders of Beer Advocate and their new monthly magazine (for which I have written a few feature articles). Asimov discusses those of us associated with craft beer and better imported beer and our desire for such beers to be treated with greater respect. The Alströms have certainly been at the vanguard of our grassroots movement for ten years now, and much progress has been made here of late. It’s great to see beer celebrated in this way. Congratulations, guys.

Beer Advocate founders Jason and Todd Alström, profiled today in the New York Times.
(photo by Jodi Hilton for The New York Times)


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