Barley’s Angels Goes Worldwide

If you haven’t heard of the Pink Boots Society, it’s an organization by and for women in the brewing industry. It’s open not just to brewers, but to women in any position throughout the industry, whether owners, salespeople, servers or writers. Founded by Oregon brewer Teri Fahrendorf in 2008, today there are over 500 members of the society.

Last week, Portland beer writer Lisa Morrison — a.k.a. the Beer Goddess — started a consumer division of the society known as “Barley’s Angels.” The idea is inspire chapters all over the country and the world, and the first chapter in Portland met for the first time January 23. The worldwide launch is now scheduled for February 20. There will be a meeting in the Pacific Northwest, at Fort George Brewing in Astoria, Oregon. (Sunday, Feb. 20, 2-5 p.m.; $35 per person.) At the “Beer O’Clock Chapter” meeting, founder Lisa Morrison will lead a tasting comparing “at least six beers, pairing them with some fantastic snacks, learning a bit about recent developments regarding beer as a healthy addition to your diet.”

At the same time, new chapters will hold meetings in London, England; Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia. And if you want to start a chapter in your town, now’s the time. Information about how to start your own chapter can be found at the Barley’s Angels website.


My only question is who gets to be Bosley … and is there a Barley?

The Barley’s Angels website also has information about the aims of the group and the answer to the question you know were asking, why Barley’s Angels?

Here’s the basics from the homepage:

What we are:

Mission Statement: As the consumer leg of the Pink Boots Society, Barley’s Angels is committed to involving women in the enjoyment of craft beer by creating environments where women can learn more about beer in a friendly, educational and supportive atmosphere, thus creating more women beer enthusiasts, and, ultimately, involving more women in beer- and brewery-related careers.

Purpose: Barley’s Angels is a growing collection of individual chapters around the world that work with craft-beer focused breweries, brewpubs, restaurants, alehouses and other public beer establishments to advance the female consumer craft beer enthusiast, resulting in increased patronage and revenue from women, while encouraging education and interest in beer among this often under-recognized demographic group.

What we are not:

Barley’s Angels is not just a social, beer-drinking club for women. Barley’s Angels respect beer and brewing, have a thirst for education, enjoy beer responsibly and act appropriately at all times.


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