Beer Birthday: Andy French

Today is the 49th birthday of Andy French, former brewmaster at Southern Pacific Brewing in San Francisco, one of the new wave of breweries that opened in the city a few years ago. I first met Andy when he brewed at Speakeasy, and after that would see him from time to time at Zeitgeist, though he first started brewing back East in the DC area. When his roommate Chris Lawrence, who also worked for Speakeasy once upon a time, decided to open his own brewery, he tapped Andy to work the mash paddles, and things have been going great since they opened a few years ago, though I hear Andy is now back doing shifts at Zeitgeist. Join me in wishing Andy a very happy birthday.

Andy at his brewhouse in 2012.


  1. Steve says

    Andy hasn’t been at Southern Pacific for quite a while. Joe Smith is the brewer there. I believe Andy still pulls shifts at Zeitgeist

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