Beer Birthday: Dave Alexander

Today is Dave Alexander’s 54th birthday. Until not too long ago, Dave was the co-owner, along with his wife Dianne, of the world famous Brickskeller beer bar in Washington, DC. They’re sill rocking the beer world at their other beer bar: RFD. Dave’s also a crack lead guitarist who often plays with the Rolling Boil Blues Band. This year at CBC Dave and Dianne received the Brewers Association Recognition Award. Join me in wishing Dave a very happy birthday.

Celebrator publisher Tom Dalldorf, a young Vinnie Cilurzo and Dave at a Brickskeller fresh hop event several years ago.

Tom Dalldorf again, with the Beer Fox Carolyn Smagalski, and Dave and Dianne Alexander, at the Brewer’s Reception at Wynkoop at the start of GABF a few years ago.

Bob Pease, from the Brewers Association, and Dave at the Brickskeller before SAVOR last year.

Dave with Carol Stoudt at GABF.


  1. Craig says

    Jay, Dave Alexander may be a crack bass player, but he I think he usually plays lead guitar with the RBBB. The time I heard him play at the CBC in Seattle in ’06 it was (blistering) lead.

  2. says

    J: Craig be correct, sir. Dave is multi-talented and is a smoking lead player (Fender Strat) but will jump in on bass if necessary. He ad man!

    Cheers, Tom

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