Beer Birthday: Lisa Morrison

Today is the 54th birthday of my good friend Lisa Morrison (a.k.a. the The Beer Goddess). Lisa did a radio show, Beer O’Clock with The Beer Goddess, was the Portland correspondent for the Celebrator, and is also the author of Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest: A Beer Lover’s Guide to Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Recently, she shifted her focus and became a co-owner of Portland’s best beer store, Belmont Station. Join me in wishing Lisa a very happy birthday!

In front of BridgePort with promotional goddess Chris Crabb, who handles PR for the brewery and also the Oregon Brewers Festival.

Lisa with fellow Portland beer writer Fred Eckhardt.

With Dick Cantwell at an Elysian event during OBF.

Me, Celebrator publisher Tom Dalldorf, Lisa’s husband Mark & Lisa in front of the three pink elephants. There’s an interesting story about this mural at Concordia Public House in Portland. It turns out that the building used to be a speakeasy called the Pink Elephant. The mural was discovered during renovations hidden behind several layers of wallpaper and paint along with an old matchbook that gave away the original name.


  1. Ainz says

    Happy Bday, Lisa, from Marin County! I’m nursing a 22 of Hop Rod Rye at the moment, so I shall raise a toast to you! — Brent Ainsworth (

  2. Brent Ainsworth says

    Happy 29th, Lisa … Once again (see first comment above) I shall hoist one in your honor. — Brent

  3. Tom Gilles says

    Happy birthday Lisa !

    It was fun running brews for you and Fred Bowman at the Spring Beer & Wine Fest. See you at the OBF in a few days

    Tom Gilles
    Los Angeles

  4. says


    FROM: Rhoda Gelman/CA/AFA
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    Portland, Oregon

    The PRO GROUP in Beaverton recently invited me to one of the meetings, where I met Bob Strong – The Handyman. We chatted about the dynamic and savvy women in business and he mentioned you as being one of the most creative and innovative.

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    Since today is your birthday, I would respectfully like to present a little gift in reference to “Your Leo Sun Sign-Individuality.” As you know, you as woman, can definitely roar and demonstrate great leadership!
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    As a professional and certified astrologer, I do not present any information about your astrological natal chart, which I am not knowledgeable of and my work ethics are based on truth, honesty, integrity and decency. As a Leo, I am comfortable providing the energies and aspect of Jupiter affecting part of your very interesting life!
    Again, wishing you a very happy day and an exciting and empowered week!

    Respectfully & Warmly,
    Rhoda Gelman/CA/AFA

  5. says

    Happy 33rd Birthday Lisa. Hope you had a blast this year too. I’m guessing you went in a heavy bier bash this time too. I think you’re the kind of person who’d want to be part of beer festivals being hosted round the year across the country. Anyway, it’s an option cut loose. Take care.

  6. Tom Gilles says

    Happy Birthday, Lisa.
    Karon and I hope to see you at the OBF.
    Tom Gilles
    p.s. Tom is doing well in Bend at The Brew Shop and Platypus Pub.

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