Beer Birthday: Mark Carpenter

Today is Mark Carpenter’s 72nd birthday. Mark has been the head brewer at Anchor since 1971 and is responsible for much of their success over the years. Not too long ago, he celebrated his 40th anniversary at Anchor, and he’s also started stepping back from his day-to-day duties, not exactly retiring, but sort of, although still involved in the big brewing decisions and as official “brewmaster.” He’s a terrific person and one of the nicest people I know. Join me in wishing Mark a very happy birthday.

Dave Suurballe with Mark at Anchor a few years ago.

Matt Salie, with Big Sky Brewing, and Mark at a recent Anchor Christmas party.

With Mark Carpenter, Anchor's brewmaster
Me and Mark at the Anchor Christmas party a few years ago.

Mark showing off their recent new release, Brekle’s Brown.


  1. beerman49 says

    From one Mark to another – happy septagenerain day! (albeit I’m posting 3 hrs after it ended). You’ve always been a 1st-Class guy (& a long-time friend & supporter of the San Andreas Malts)!

  2. Judy Ashworth says

    Hoppy Beerthday Mark!! I am so fortunate to call you friend. Always look forward to hanging with you. Cheers to you, much love Judy

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