Beer Birthday: Melissa Myers

Today is my good friend Melissa Myers’ birthday. Her most recent brewing gig was at Drake’s Brewing in San Leandro, California. She’s also brewed at Pyramid and Magnolia, among others, but she’s about her own beer bar in Oakland, The Good Hop. It should be opening very, very soon. My stool is waiting, and I can’t wait to take it out for a spin. Join me in wishing Melissa a very happy birthday.

Arne Johnson, of Marin Brewing, and Melissa at last year’s Boonville Beer Festival.

Former roommates Jen Garris and Melissa at the Anchor Christmas Party.

Melissa and former Drake’s brewer Rodger Davis at GABF three years ago.

Melissa and me at GABF.

Melissa with her adopted Daddy, Big Daddy Dave Keene.

Melissa in high school, believe it or not. At a Super Bowl party she threw, Melissa made the mistake of showing me this photo while I had my camera in my hand. I snapped a quick picture of it in the photo album, which is why is looks out of proportion and a little fuzzy. I had to seriously crop it and straighten it out and generally fix it up. But I think the effort was worth it, don’t you?


  1. Dad. Dan Myers says

    This picture, her 3-yeaar picture and her’s brewer picture all hang on my office wall. They are the same person. My daughter of whom I love and are very much proud of. Besides as a wine snob, I actually really like her beers. I love you Melissa. Dad

  2. Ainz says

    Happy Birthday, Melissa! Very cool that Dad posted a nice comment. I’m wiping away tears. — Brent

  3. Jill says

    Happy Birthday Melissa! You’re an awesome brewer and a fantastic friend. Kudos to Jay for keeping that high school photo circulating – looks like it was taken 10 minutes before she signed up for the Barbizon School of Modeling “To become a model, or just look like one….”

  4. Don Caldera says

    Wow – that high school pic is hot! Melissa – let your hair grow out – you are beautiful!

  5. says

    Happy Birthday, Melissa!
    Here’s to many celebratory returns of the day, with high school or baby photos to make us smile. P.S. – you have a cool dad.

  6. Kim and Harry says

    Happy Bday Melissa!!!!! Sure nice seeing you again for SF Beer Week, those beers were awesome!!!! Hope you’re brewing again real soon, we miss you!!!! And your beers!!!

  7. Kim and Harry says

    Happy bday Melissa!!!! Sure good news your place is going to happen soon. Sure miss you and your beers. Have a great day celebrating!

  8. Kim and Harry says

    Another bday, another great beer! Can’t wait to try the next one you brew! That’s great about the financing!!!! Wait to go!!!! Have a great day!!!!

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