Beer In Ads #1130: Russian Beer & Lobster

Friday’s ad is for a Russian beer, and I give up trying to figure out what is says. But it is a beautiful ad, the bottle’s cool, the table nicely set with a bowl of lobster, with a view of an impressive castle out the window.



  1. says

    Jay, nothing special – only the name of the brewery and maybe their shareholders/owners upside and the 4 kind of beers they are produced upside. Of course, the begginning of the last century, before communist’s “revolution”

  2. says

    Jay, I asked a native Russian speaker to translate –
    Top says Shabolovski Brewing Co./Karnev-Gorshnov Co.
    The four-letter word on the lower left is “BEER” and the other four lines read:
    Gold Head
    Black Velvet

    The building in the background of the illustration is the Kremlin.


    -Craig H.

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