Beer In Ads #548: 33 Fine Brews Blended into One Great Beer

Wednesday’s ad is for Pabst, probably from the late 1930s, early 40s. The cartoon tells the story of Pabst Blue Ribbon blending 33 different (not that different, obviously) beers to create PBR. Or as they put it, “33 Fine Brews Blended into One Great Beer.” Apparently it’s the blending that gives it “that swell flavor.”



  1. beerman49 says

    How many ways can we take that ad (assuming the premise is TRUE)? I offer:

    1. They had small brew kettle(s) & much bigger lagering tanks
    2. They did “CYA” for lack of quality control anywhere in the process – the real good stuff got “special” bottling; the rest got blended.

    However, that a “macro” ever would have done this is beyond my reasonable comprehension – can Fraggle clue us?

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