Beer In Art #38: Lawson Wood’s Nine Pints Of The Law

Since I just returned from England and the Great British Beer Festival I thought it made sense that today’s work of art is decidedly British. It’s a humorous work entitled Nine Pints of the Law by famed illustrator Lawson Wood.


One website describes the painting like this:

World-worn and weary after a hard day’s work, these British bobbies still have the strength to heave a hefty pint of ale. Artist Lawson Wood takes a lighthearted look at his country’s comical constables in characteristically British style.

And here’s a brief overview of Wood, according to one biography:

Clarence Lawson Wood (1878 – 1957) was born at Highgate, the grandson of the landscape painter L J Wood. He studied at the Slade School and at Heatherley’s and was the chief artist on the staff of C Arthur Pearson Ltd for a number of years. He served in the Kite Balloon Wing of the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War.

Wood’s work is usually in ink and watercolour and most of it is humorous in style and content and he was a member of the London Sketch Club. His repertoire of characters includes policemen, army officers, Stone Age people with dinosaurs and, most popularly, the orang-utan, Gran’pop, introduced in the 1930s.

Gran’pop appeared weekly in the Sketch for a number of years and his fame translated to the US, where Wood prepared at least four animated cartoons for production in Hollywood.

Lawson Wood, as he signed his work, retired from the world of illustration and lived in Kent in seclusion until he died at the age of 79.

For a more thorough biography, check out Been Publishing, I’m Back, and there’s also Art in a Click. To see more of his work, try the Baron Fine Art Gallery, Chris Beetles or Poster Unlimited.


  1. jody says

    today was my lucky day! i bought a sign that you wrote about. not often do i find anything about the stuff, i buy. nine pints of the law was meant to be mine. enjoy jody

  2. Michele says

    I have a copy of that picture I got from my late in laws. My ex husbands maternal grandfather brought it back from England after ww2. it is my favorite piece

  3. Dave Preston says

    I Have a old Nine Pint of the Law.
    Black frame, on the back it has.
    Phone. 1013 Mill Hill
    J.A.P Daborn( The Broadway
    Mill Hill
    On the picture it Has Iawson
    this is in the left hand corner at the bottom

    This possible 1940’s

    Regards Dave Preston

  4. John says

    Can someone please let me know what the conversation is that goes with ‘9 Pints of the Law’. I did recall hearing it read once from an old family friend. Any help much appreciated. Kind regards

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