Beer In Art #42: Cat Scott’s Paintings Of Beer On The Wall

Today I want to showcase an artist who’s painting a series of beer bottles that will eventually be nearly 100. The artist, Cat Scott, is calling the series 99 Paintings of Beer on the Wall. She’s finished a dozen so far, and here’s a familiar one, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.


Scott is primarily an illustrator and graphic designer, but loves to paint and draw in her spare time. Of the project itself, she says. “I like beer, and I like painting. So why not combine the two? I intend on doing 99 paintings of many different types of beer.”

Cat_Scott-red_stripe Cat_Scott-newcastle

Here’s some biographical information about Scott, from her website:

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and, like many artists, spent my childhood drawing and painting. With generous gifts of art supplies from my parents, I developed quite a knack for rendering. After taking as many art classes as possible during my high school years, I ventured off to the University of Dayton to study graphic design. My love for the fine arts led me to concentrate on Illustration.

After receiving several awards for my art and being honored as the Most Outsanding Graduating Senior in Visual Communication Design, I graduated with honors in 2003. In 2006 I attended the Illustration Academy and worked with illustrators and artists such as John and Mark English, Sterling Hundley, George Pratt, Gary Kelley, Brent Watkinson, Anita Kunz, and CF Payne.

My full time gig as a Graphic Designer in Santa Monica, California gets the rent paid and inspires creativity, but there’s nothing like taking a pen/brush/marker to paper.

One of my favorites is her Unibroue La Fin Du Monde, which is actually different then the rest of the works. It’s not painted, but instead is a pen and ink drawing over top of a postcard of Francis Picabia’s La Source (“The Spring”).


Here’s two more. With twelve done, she has 87 left to paint. It may take a few years, but it will be fun to watch. If you own a brewery, maybe you want to consider commissioning her to paint one of your bottles. That way you get a cool painting, you support the arts and further the project.

Cat_Scott-blue_moon Cat_Scott-Stone_Ruination

You can more of her work at her own website, Cat Scott and her blog. She’s also a member of Girls Who Draw, a website featuring a baker’s dozen of female artists showcasing their art.


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