Craft Beer Pioneer Greg Noonan Passes Away

Greg Noonan, the craft beer pioneer who founded the Vermont Pub & Brewery in 1988 passed away October 11. He died in his sleep Sunday night. He was only 58 years old. His brewery was one of the first on the east coast, New England and, naturally, Burlington, Vermont. He’s not as well known for his contributions to the industry as he probably should be.

There’s a nice obituary by Guillermo Woolfolk, who’s the Birmingham Craft Beer Examiner.

He will be missed. Raise a toast to his memory.



  1. says

    RIP Greg. You influenced me greatly as a brewer, and I will pass on what I have learned from your readings to the next generation of craft brewers! You will be missed.

  2. stephen mackenzie says

    wow, i am stunned…from Iraq, with all we have to deal with. the VPB and all the friends/family there have been such an anchor…I saw Greg last time I was home…
    what a sad loss for the world…

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