Deborah Carey: Champion Of Change

Congratulations to New Glarus Brewing co-founder Deb Carey, who was selected as a Champion of Change by President Barack Obama and the White House. It’s great to see someone from craft brewing honored.

Here’s the write-up for Carey on the White House website:

Deborah Carey’s decision to start New Glarus Brewing Company was rooted in doing what was best for her family rather than becoming the local woman who broke down barriers to start a brewery. As she worked on a business plan, her husband Dan, a master brewer, gathered the materials, grains and equipment needed for start-up. In 1993 they negotiated to rent a warehouse in New Glarus, exchanging the lease for stock in the New Glarus Brewing Company.

They sold their home and raised $40,000 in seed money, yet still needed more cash to fund the startup. Deborah pitched her story to local newspapers, and the media attention brought $200,000 from investors. In the early days, the couple worked hard to establish the brewery’s reputation for consistent quality beers. Deborah’s marketing plan was to develop a very loyal customer base. She set up beer tasting classes along with offering brewery tours. Beer distributors started noticing the little brewery that was developing a strong consumer following.

New Glarus Brewing Company has grown to 50 full-time employees, has registered growth in profits of 123 percent from 2007 to 2009, and is Wisconsin’s number one micro-brewery relative to sales volume.


  1. Beerman49 says

    Seriously late response, but I love this! A buddy & I will be paying NG a visit the day after hitting the “Great Taste of the Midwest” NG makes great beer, which you can buy only in WI (their business decision to limit distribution is based on capacity & in-state sales; they don’t ship). I’ll have an extra suitcase in which to bring back a good quantity.

    WI Belgian Red is to die for, as is their Raspberry Tart (750 ml bottles only). NG’s website lists all sales outlets; 2006, I brought back 3 cases of 750 ML’s that I’d pre-ordered from a Milwaukee liquor store; will be doing the same from a Madison liquor store this year (but not as much as I brought home 5 yrs ago)

    If you plan a visit, sign up for the Hard Hat tour (we did it last yr) – costs $20, but you get ample tastes w/WI cheeses afterward. Have lunch @ Toffler’s before you tour (which starts 1 PM in the old brewery; the new one is a short drive east).

    NG is a class act & may it last a long time as it is!

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