Economic Impact Of Beer Distributors

We know beer contributes quite a lot to America’s economy, from the brewers who make it, the retailers who sell it, and the bartenders who serve it. The Beer Institute‘s Beer Serves America gives a great overview of the economic impact of the beer industry as a whole, with breakdowns of direct and indirect impacts, and also by related industries that support the beer industry.

But recently the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) published online their own map of how beer distributors are “Fueling Jobs, Generating Economic Growth & Delivering Value to Local Communities.” Not surprisingly, it’s a lot, too, with 130,000 jobs and $54 billion for the entire United States. But you can also break it down by state. So, for example, California’s impact is 11,725 direct jobs, that is people working for beer distributors in some capacity, and $5.3 billion in dollars added to the economy.


By clicking on a button, you can also download additional state economic data, such as a more detailed tally of the beer distributors contribution to the state economy.


And also how different related industries are contributing to the overall economy, as well.


Be sure to check out your own state’s positive contribution to the economy through beer here, and also take a look at the detail for the entire United States, too.

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