OBF Parade 2008

July 24, 2008


The now annual Oregon Brewers Festival parade and brunch took place the morning the festival begins. This year it was held at PGE Park, the home of the Portland Beavers, a minor league baseball team. Widmer Brothers Brewing has a beer garden at the ballpark and they served a hearty breakfast washed down with Widmer beer. From there, the 300 paraded to the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, where the festival was opened, with Tom Potter, Portland’s mayor leading the way.

The brunch at PGE Park.

Where the promotional Widmer hefeweizen and lemon were in attendance.

It was Widmer’s turn to carry the cask in the parade and they dressed as old-time masked wrestlers.

Leading the parade were the Widmer Brothers with Mayor Tom Potter and Art Larrence, who runs the festival.

The parade wound its way through the streets of Portland.

With drummers beating a rhythm.

Portland residents and shop-owners came out of the stores to watch the parade and take photos.

Part of the parade was on city streets.

And the paraders spread out.

A growing tradition of the parade is people dressing in costume.

Abe Armstrong-Goldman in his Oregon Beer Patrol, which at least one person mistook for Dudley Brew-Right.

Finally the group neared the festival grounds.

Across the street from the festival.