Open It! Today, Tomorrow Or Sunday

Here’s a gentle remainder that Open IT! Weekend begins today and runs through this Sunday, so get cracking … those bottles open.

The brainchild of UK beer writer Mark Dredge, who writes at Pencil and Spoon, he’s designated the first weekend in December — the 3rd through the 5th — as “Open It!” weekend. What that means is it’s time for you — and me — to open some of those special bottles we’ve been saving for … a special occasion that never comes. Instead, let’s open them now and, in the spirit of the holidays, start sharing.


Here’s how he put it a few weeks ago, in his initial post, Announcing Open It:

So here’s the idea: let’s create a special occasion. Let’s call this special occasion Open It! and let’s drink the good beers. Let’s find a bottle from the depth of the cellar and open it, drink it and then tell others about it (in blogs, blog comments or twitter or facebook).

Open it alone or open it with others; hold an Open It! party or take it to the pub to see what people think. Most importantly, get that bottle open and drink the thing and then tell everyone about it.

Open It! over the first weekend in December — Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th — and then blog about it in the week after. Use the #openit hashtag on twitter while you are drinking it and like the facebook group. It’s just about opening something special and enjoying it.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? The key, I think, is letting everybody know what you opened. That should be the best part, our collective stash. So just open it! Today, tomorrow or Sunday. Yum!


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