Beer In Ads #1507: Next Time

Friday’s ad is still another one for Budweiser, this one from 1959. It’s another ad from their “Where there’s life” series, this one is called “Next Time.” It’s hard to see what’s going on in this ad. A couple in a darkened room, their faces shiny from the dark red light. They’re dressed up, but he’s taken off his jacket and has his sleeves rolled up. On the counter, bar, table or whatever they’re leaning on, there’s a newspaper, a bag of potato chips and an ashtray, while the woman is pouring a can of beer into a pilsner glass. By the looks of it, if she doesn’t stop right this second, that glass is going to overflow, and with a pretty solid stream still coming out of the can, it may happen anyway.


Beer In Ads #1506: Nothing Like It

Thursday’s ad is yet another one for Budweiser, this one from 1961. It’s another ad from their “Where there’s life” series, this one is called “Nothing Like It.” A man eating a pizza by himself is having a beer poured for him by a uniformed waitress. I love how everyone dressed up to eat pizza. We do that at home, too. I find it best to wear a suit whenever we order a pizza for delivery. But I usually choose a different beer.


Beer In Ads #1505: Count ‘Em

Wednesday’s ad is another one for Budweiser, from 1960. It’s another ad from their “Where there’s life” series, this one features puppies and is called “Count ‘Em!” Bud wants you to look at 7 — count ‘em, 7 — words on their label. They don’t say which ones, but I assume it’s “Choicest Hops, Rice and Best Barley Malt.” Or you could go with “Brewed by our original all natural process,” though it’s hard to see what is so original. At any rate it doesn’t seem wide to let the consumer pick which seven words to pick off the label to tell them “why Bud is so good.”


Beer In Ads #1504: Ahoy!

Tuesday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1957. It’s another ad from their “Where there’s life” series, this one is a sailing ad called “Ahoy!” And it tells the reader to do more reading. “Next time you buy beer take a reading.” By which they mean, read the label. That seems like an awful lot of work, plus it would eat into the time I’d rather be spending pouring a beer for my eye candy, who sits smiling on the boat while I do all the work.

budweiser-where-there-is-life-there-is-bud-ahoy-1957 (1)

Beer In Ads #1502: Recipe For Corn

Sunday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1960. It’s another ad from their “Where there’s life” series, this one a “Recipe.” By recipe, they’re talking about the ingredients of Bud, which they claim are “printed on every Budweiser label.” What’s funny about that is since at least the 1888 label, the list included rice as one of the ingredients, while the ad features a man chowing down on an ear of corn. Shouldn’t he be eating a bowl of rice?


Beer In Ads #1501: Fish Story

Saturday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1961. It’s another ad from their “Where there’s life” series, this one a “Fish Story.” Or is it? They’re trying to say that since Bud puts its ingredients on the can, that they’re somehow more truthful than their competitors. I do love the cigarette in his beer hand. And lastly, I”m no fisherman, but that doesn’t like a fishing hat to me. It seems to fancy for fishing. Of course, I know as much about hats as I do fishing: almost nothing.


Beer In Ads #1496: Special Lyrics

Monday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1962. It’ from A-B’s long-running “Where there’s life” series, in this case the “Special Lyrics” are the “101 words” on the Budweiser label. I’m at least pleased to see she’s holding the record on the edge. Back in the day when I managed record stores, there was nothing worse then people just pawing a record with their greasy fingers and leaving fingerprints all over it. But if he keeps pouring that beer it’s going to spill all over her and the album. Also, if you look at the album cover partially show in the background, that photo is from a previous Bud ad.


Beer In Ads #1494: Small Talk

Saturday’s ad is another one for Budweiser, from 1958. By “Small Talk,” they really mean small print, which A-B claims “the tiny printing on the label tells you exactly what makes Budweiser so good.” But I can’t take my eyes off of the two long red nails poking out of her hair. I know she’s just running her fingers through her hair as she’s being poured a beer — I mean, I always do that, don’t you? — but they just look a bit creepy and wrong, for no particular reason. Are they two adjacent fingers or is there one in between the two visible ones? Are those nails fake? They sure look fake. They seem too long, and remind me of devil horns. Okay, I’ve clearly been staring at this ad for too long.