Beer In Ads #785: Good Beer For Good Fellows

Friday’s ad is from the early 1930s, for Pabst Blue Ribbon, though it references the NRA — not that one, the other one — in this case the National Recovery Administration. The NRA was the agency charged with implementing the National Industrial Recovery Act, passed in June of 1933, as part of the New Deal effort to combat the Great Depression. Since it was found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1935, there’s a pretty short window when the ad most likely ran. Still, the illustration is pretty cool, and looks like the later Beer Belongs ads that the industry ran after World War 2.


Beer Me Bro!

Today’s infographic is cheekily titled Beer Me Bro. It was created by Sarah Ostman, a student at Syracuse University, while she was an intern at Lab 42. Here’s her description of the project.

We took a look at a couple different topics surrounding men and beer advertising: how men are portrayed in ads, which factors influence their beer choice, and what types of ads they find most appealing. The most surprising stat? 57% of men said they don’t relate to male characters in beer ads. Check out the infographic below for the low-down on men in beer advertising.

You can see the infographic full size at Lab 42.