Beer In Ads #1283: Let’s Just Sit Awhile

Friday’s ad is still another one from the United States Brewers Foundation, again from 1956. This was part of the “Beer Belongs” series, but after the numbered “Home Life in America” run. The ad copy on this is priceless, too. “Beer has its own wonderful way of saying … ‘Let’s just sit awhile.'” This time the advice in the inset box is about pouring your beer straight down the center, not tilted, because “it tastes even better that way!”



  1. Atron Seige says

    The first time I read the heading it changed in my head to sound like Decard Cain, and the message read “Stay a while and listen”.

    If you have ever played Diablo 2, you should know the sentence very well. I think a range of game based beers would be an awesome thing!

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