Beer In Ads #1284: The Accordion Player

Saturday’s ad is for Rheingold Beer, this one from 1949, and features Miss Rheingold from that year, Pat McElroy. In this ad, she’s sitting in a hay wagon, playing an accordion. Today is the first day of the 24th annual Cotati Accordion Festival, the two-day music festival in the town where I live.



  1. Beerman49 says

    What she’s playing is more commonly known as a “concertina”. Accordion bodies are rectangular, w/piano-style keyboard for the RH melody line; harmonic chord buttons for the LH (tho a late uncle of mine owned an all-button full-size rectangular. The look on the dog’s face is priceless – it’s either cool w/whatever she’s (been) playing or thinking: “No more of that crap, PLEASE!”.

    Maybe Peter Townshend saw this ad (he’d have been age 4 in 1949) before he wrote “Squeeze Box – check out the lyrics to that 1975 Who song here:

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