Beer Birthday: Bob Brewer

Today is the 68th birthday of Bob Brewer, longtime brewery rep. for Anchor Brewing. For many years, he worked from southern California, circling the country with the entire nation his territory (the only exception being the Bay Area) representing Anchor beers. More recently, he moved back to the Bay Area, but you could find him at every nook and cranny of the beer world. Last year, Bob retired from Anchor, although he still occasionally works a festival or does other work, like giving a great talk at my class last spring and more recently he was working the taps for Anchor at the Lagunitas Circus. Join me in wishing Bob a very happy birthday.

Bob serving a festival-goer at the Mammoth Lakes Bluesapalooza in 2007.

Bob giving a tour at Anchor.

Bob serves up the then-new Anchor Bock to Portland beer sage Fred Eckhardt.

Me, brewer Mike Lee and Bob at the 2011 Anchor Christmas party.


  1. Rory says

    I had a wonderful conversation & tour with Bob at Anchor on Monday. He’s a wonderful representative of a remarkable product.

    Have a tall one Bob!!!

  2. Tom Gilles says

    Happy 63rd. You sent my son, Tom, lots of Anchor Beer signs to his business in Bend . . . The Brew Shop. As of the 1st of September, the guys are in their new digs closer to Downtown Bend. It is now
    The Brew Shop and Platypus Pub.
    Tom Gilles

  3. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Happy bday Bob!!!! It is always fun to see you and chat at beer events like the CA State Homebrew Comp and Dinner, Beer Festivals and the awesome beer and spirits event last year at Thirsty Bear. Our friends overseas loved all the pins you gave me. Thanks so much for all you do for the homebrewers. Loved the tie of clubs this year! I know you and Bruce do most of it and we all thank you!

  4. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Happy bday Bob!!!!! Hope you have another wonderful year and hope to see you at SF Beer Week, always fun to chat with you. Sorry we missed the CA State Homebrew Comp, maybe next year.


  5. Andy Baker says

    Happy Birthday Bob….I had the pleasure of a private tour of the Anchor Brewery by Bob ealier this year. And it wasn’t a …”let me show you the place kind of thing” it was a full on 2-3 hours we spent together. As I told him…I miss seeing him working the trade in HAWAII. Yes, he did cover the entire country.

    Aloha Bob

  6. Beerman49 says

    He’s 3 months & 13 days older than me – our next PRIME # birthday is 71 – from there, the goal is to reach the next ones (73.79, 83, 89, 93, 97) Should be lucky enough to hit the C-mark, then we get 4 more (101, 103, 107, & 109). For however many primes we hit going forward, may we always be able to have at least one good beer with which to celebrate!

    Feliz cumpleanos Bob (a few days late) – may you have many more!

  7. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Hope you’re enjoying a well deserved retirement Bob!!!! And have a wonderful beerday!!!!! Take care. Cheers!

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