Beer Birthday: Fritz Maytag

Fritz Maytag, who bought the failing Anchor Brewery in 1965 and turned it into a model for the microbrewery revolution, celebrates his 76th birthday today. It’s no stretch to call Fritz the father of craft beer, he introduced so many innovations that are common today and influenced countless brewers working today. In the last few years, Maytag sold Anchor Brewery and Distillery to Keith Greggor and Tony Foglio of the Griffin Group, but continues to make his York Creek wine and consult with Anchor as Chairman Emeritus. Join me in wishing Fritz a very happy birthday.

Fritz Maytag at the Anchor Christmas party in 2006 with fellow Anchor-ites John Dannerbeck and Mark Carpenter.

Fritz with the organizers of SF Beer Week at our inaugural opening event at Anchor in 2009.

Speakers at the Symposium: Bruce Paton, Christine Hastorf, Fritz Maytag and Charlie Bamforth
Fritz with fellow speakers at the Herbst Museum Symposium a couple of years ago, from left: Bruce Paton, Christine Hastorf, Fritz Maytag and Charlie Bamforth.

Ken Grossman, me and Fritz Maytag
Ken Grossman, me and Fritz at a beer dinner at Anchor celebrating Sierra Nevada’s 30th anniversary.

Me and Fritz Maytag
Me and Fritz at the Anchor Christmas Party a few years ago.


  1. Hop Stoopid says

    Cheers to the man who started it all and continues to inspire others in his endeavors. Above and beyond, he is good man. I know firsthand. I actually had some pretty lousy conversations years ago with Mr. Maytag. His interest was solutions to his technological challenges. Unfortunately, my interest was beer so I did the best I could to respond to any technical question with something about one of his beers. Happy Birthday Mr. Maytag

  2. Lizzie Brown says

    Many years ago I met Fritz Maytag on a beach where he was diving and bringing up old bottles from the sea bed! He invited me to come to his lovely house nearby for dinner with my traveling companion. We made some pesto sauce from basil leaves and had a delicious meal and said our goodbyes. I often wondered what happened to him…..and now I know! It would be such fun to be back in touch. Lizzie Brown

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