Beer Birthday: Ted Vivatson

Today is the 60th birthday of Ted Vivatson, founder of Eel River Brewing. I first met Ted a bunch of years ago, when he was still making one of my favorite porters, their Ravensbrau Porter. Now it’s Organic Porter, and while it’s still a good porter, I really loved the Ravensbrau. Not the first time I’ve been in the minority. Ted’s a great brewer and has many other beers I still love, plus he’s a terrific person, too. Join me in wishing Ted a very happy birthday.

Ted rockin’ GABF in 2006.

Ted at the Celebrator Anniversary Party in 2009.

Ted with Ken Allen, former owner of Anderson Valley Brewing, at the Celebrator’s 20th Anniversary Party.

Picking up an award from Charlie Papazian at the 2006 Great American Beer Festival.

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