Beer In Ads #1164: Budweiser Is For Girls

Thursday’s ad may not be a real ad, I’m not entirely sure. It’s for a Brasserie Belden, which I can’t find any information about at all. And the nature of the ad, more like a political attack ad, makes it seem more like a spoof than a real ad that someone might have actually ran. It has the look of an older ad, with the paper staining, at least after World War II, although it’s easy enough to fake that using PhotoShop. I don’t recall where I found this one and the fact that I can’t find any additional information about it on the interwebs further leads me to suspect its veracity, although it’s too funny not to share all the same. “Be a man. Drink Belden.”



  1. Beerman49 says

    Move the “i” in front of the 1st “e” in “brasserie” & what do you get? That one’s a spoof for sure – to wit:

    1. Use a magnifying glass to read the italic text – what’s supposed to be “World War II” looks more like “World War 77″. Further, the rest of the line reads: “the American golden lager was invented to appeal to the only audience left: women.”

    2. The hair definitely is a photoshop job – “pageboy” cuts were flat-bottomed on the sides – the inverted V look isn’t much more than 20 yrs old, if that.

    3. The artwork of the woman & Bud bottle is the only thing that looks real; sepia background for sure was manipulated.

    I’d bet that the creator found a Bud ad in an old magazine in a family attic/basement stash, scanned it into a manipulable format, & took to doctoring. Maybe we’ll get lucky & the guy will post here w/more info.

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