Beer In Ads #218: Why Is This Fabacher Smiling?

Monday’s ad is for a failed brand from the Jackson Brewery in New Orleans, Louisiana — better known as Jax Brewery. In what I believe began in the late 1960s, Jax launched a brand called Fabacher and had ads with a fake “Andrew Fabacher” who supposedly looked like Andrew Jackson, which is who the brewery had been named for. The brewery was founded in 1890 by Alsatian German immigrant Lawrence Fabacher. It stayed in business during Prohibition by making root beer, other soft drinks and near beer. “By the late 1930s it was sold in all of Louisiana, and parts of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.” In 1964, they renovated the brewery and became the “10th largest single-plant brewery in the country, brewing nearly 450,000 barrels of beer annually, [also] making it the largest independent brewery in the South” at that time. The beer ultimately failed and the brewery closed in the mid-1970s. The brewery location is today a shopping mall.



    • Phil says

      Bought this poster from an Estate in Dallas, from what I can gather on the Internet, JACKSON BREWING COMPANY was located in New Orleans La. This was a large poster 45in x 35in. They were displayed around town as a promotion for this New Beer ” Fabacher”
      The bottom reads as follows :
      If you believe in freedom of speech.
      If you believe in family pride.
      If you believe in New Orleans shrimp and Fabacher Beer.
      If you believe in rousing get-togethers and party fun.
      Then you’ll want to be there when Andrew Fabacher addresses himself to the burning questions of our times…
      “Will the Fabachers at the brewery join him in his quest?”
      “Will he be called Larry? ”
      “Will he retire to a quiet life of drinking Fabacher on his veranda? ”
      Yes, members of the news media, these and many more questions will be answered by Andrew himself! And you’ll be there to record he is his stork replies for all the world to read.

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