Beer In Ads #693: The Coors Light Twins

Today is the 41st birthdays of Diane & Elaine Klimaszewski, better known as the “Coors Light Twins,” so I thought today was the day to feature a few of their ads. The first Coors Light ad is from 2003 and uses a football theme.


These last two are from the year before, 2002. The first uses the simple tagline “Here’s to the Twins.”


And the second uses the appropriate “Here’s to the Twins. Again,” though I think it’s the same photo from the first ad.



  1. beerman49 says

    3rd photo is different – the pose is pretty much the same, but there are no arms in front of them & the background is different (easily done via Photoshop), but there are subtle hair differences that would be hard to manipualte. But shouldn’t it really be “Here’s to the quads” (if anyone doesn’t catch my drift, they shouldn’t be here) :) ?

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