Beer In Ads #777: Go First Class With Pizza & Beer

Tuesday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from the early 1960s, part of their “Go First Class” series. The ad seems to be saying that pizza and beer are the path to being high class. Now, I’m a great lover of pizza, and there are few pairings so obviously perfect together than beer and pizza. I could eat pizza almost every meal if you let me, and there are amazing gourmet pies all over the place these days. But in the 1960s? I certainly don’t remember pizza being thought of as “high class” until very recently. Also, I have to say. That is not the most appetizing pizza I’ve ever laid eyes on.



  1. beerman49 says

    Kee-rist! Those white dots of “cheese” look like feta, which has no business being on any pizza I’d ever eat (tried it once; didn’t like the sourness! But maybe they’re drabs of pike or some other whitefish? Likely not in 1961. Having the red pepper shaker is good, but that butter knife on the tray is absurd (& would have been declasse even then!) :)

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