Beer In Art #80: David Teniers’ Peasants Celebrating Twelfth Night

Today’s work of art is another piece I saw last week wandering around the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C, the day after SAVOR. It was painted in 1635 by David Teniers the Younger, a Flemish artist born in Antwerp. The painting is known as Peasants Celebrating Twelfth Night.


Teniers was known for his depictions of everyday life, usually showing peasants in a variety of settings. The Twelfth Night revelry shown here also include, of course, drinking beer.

Online, the National Gallery has several detail views available, including this one below of the drinking going on at the table.


He also painted a similar scene about Twelfth Night a few years later entitled Twelfth Night, The King Drinks.


To learn more about David Teniers, Wikipedia has a good overview and there’s also a more detailed biography at the National Gallery. You can see more of his work at the Web Museum, Olga’s Gallery and the National Gallery. There are also additional links at ArtCyclopedia.


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