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    “Mock” feud? I can assure you BrewDog’s hatred for British beer is genuine. Although it’s less a feud than a series of one-sided attacks on CAMRA by BrewDog.

    By the way, the montage was created by Glasgow illustrator GJ Dunbar.

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      Thanks for the info on the artist. Having met James several times, I’ve never gotten the impression that he “hates” all British beer. Their “attacks,” as you term them, seem to me like goofy marketing stunts, albeit effective ones. And with CAMRA spokesperson Roger Protz taking critical swipes at BrewDog, I’d hardly call the attacks “one-sided.” From my view from the sidelines, it certainly appears that there are two sides to this, but that no one takes it that seriously. To me, it’s just two largely irreconcilable points of view.

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    Thanks for the heads up & mention Robbie/Barm! My girlfriend and I came up with this towards the end of 2011, largely as a satirical response to the perceived “BrewDog versus CAMRA” feud. We are neither CAMRA members nor BrewDog shareholders, but we are friends with many equally passionate ale/beer/craft beer/*insert nomenclature* drinkers – many of whom embody the overlap between both camps. Ultimately, we have issues with both – but all we’re really interested in is great beer served well irrespective of method of dispense. My website is currently under construction, but you can see photos of my label design for our Imp Stout Dennis Hopper tribute: Now It’s Dark. Cheers, see you down the pub.

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