Historic Beer Birthday: Caspar Eulberg

Today is the birthday of Caspar Eulberg (April 6, 1826-May 19, 1902). There’s very little information I could find about him. He was born in Kreis Westerburg, Hessen-Nassau, which was then Prussia. He married Franciska Rost, also from Prussia, and together they had ten children, six of whom were boys. At least some of them must have worked at his brewery in Galena, Illinois, because for most of its life it was called Casper Eulberg & Sons Brewery.


Originally called Math. Meller Brewery when in opened in 1874, it appears Eulberg acquired it in 1885, changing the name to his own, at least until closed by prohibition in 1920. It tried to open after repeal, under the name Galena Brewing Co., but closed for good in 1936.



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      Sorry, Matt. I have no idea. He’s not listed on Find-a-Grave, which is a pretty good resource for such information, and Ancestry.com only has a census listing from 1900, when he was still alive. I’d check local historical societies or similar resources in and around Galena, Illinois.

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