Beer In Ads #877: The Goodness Of Malt Goes Far Beyond Delicious Flavor

Wednesday’s ad is for the Barley and Malt Institute, from 1959. This is the third ad I have from the now defunct trade group for barley growers. In this one a man is being delivered actual beer while watching beer on television. How meta. I love the expression on his face. According to the ad, “The goodness of Malt goes far beyond delicious flavor.” Beyond “Fun Flavor,” “malt renews your energy” and also has “important B-complex vitamins.”


Glassware By Beer Style

Today’s infographic is a poster of the most common glassware for beer, with a list of styles below each glass that whoever created the poster believes would work best with each one. I’m not sure I agree with every choice, but at least some styles are listed with multiple glassware. That suggests that none of this is written in stone, which we all know, of course.

Click here to see the poster full size.