Beer In Ads #1229: The Brew Of Quality

Saturday’s ad is for Pabst, which most sources claim is from 1920 or the 1920s. It’s mostly a simple photo 9or is that an illustration?), but some of the text is priceless. Starting with the “most refreshing thirst quencher on the market this long, blazing summer” (how exactly would you measure that?), to “Its label means exactly what is says” (so that’s “The Brew Of Quality,” I guess), “And you don’t have to remember a ritual to get it” (not like those other beers that require a special dance or secret handshake before you can buy them).



  1. Atron Seige says

    It is quite a song and dance to get your hands on some of the Trappist beers!

    Maybe “the label means exactly what it says” refers to “Blue Ribbon”, aka taking first prize.

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