Beer In Ads #1263: Set Up The Fun

Saturday’s ad is yet another one for Schlitz, this one from 1957. It’s yet another bowling scene, back from when bowling was really popular, asking us to “set up the fun with light refreshment.” Mary or Joan (ca’t tell which) is giving some liquid courage to Dave or Bill (ditto) before his next roll. That’s “leisure’s light refresher,” whatever that means.



  1. Gary Gillman says

    “That’s ‘leisure’s light refresher’, whatever that means”.

    Jay, it means that in 20 years, a massive movement would start to restore beer to its roots. Madison Avenue and the big breweries had the chance to do it themselves, but they miffed it.


  2. Beerman49 says

    The right story is that he got stuck to buy in a “beer frame” (he didn’t get a strike when everyone else did). Definitely was “open play” – league scores were above the alleys on “telescreen” (scores were recorded on plastic sheets w/yellow wax pencils, then projected via mirrors onto screens above the approaches. As a kid, I kept score for my dad’s team, then did it for years once I started bowling in leagues; automatic scoring arrived in the 80’s (it took a few yrs to work out the kinks, & it was a pain in the ass to correct scores when the automatic pinspotters knocked down pins they couldn’t pick up/scoring system malfunctioned).

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