Beer Birthday: Chuck Silva

Today is also the birthday of Chuck Silva, former brewmaster at Green Flash Brewing in San Diego. His West Coast IPA has taken the world by storm, and personally, I loved his Tripel and Le Freak. The big, shiny new brewery they recently built is also pretty amazing. But eventually Chuck wanted to something of his own, and he recently opened Silva Brewing Company in the Central Coast of California, around his native San Luis Obispo area in Paso Robles. Join me in wishing Chuck a very happy birthday.

Chuck Silva, from Green Flash Brewing
Chuck at GABF two years ago.

The beer chef, Bruce Paton, with Chuck at one his beer dinners.

Chuck at Mammoth Lakes Bluesapalooza in 2007.

Chuck serving the symposium beer at Stone Brewing during Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego in 2008.


  1. Beerman49 says

    If you’re in San Diego, Green Flash is a “must go to”! It’s on Mira Mesa Blvd, closer to I-(80)5 than I-15 – ample parking behind it. Tastes are very reasonably priced, & you can select your size (4/8/16-oz for 7% ABV; 4/8 for the bigger stuff; prices are $1/2/4 for the lighter brews; $2/4 for the bigger beers). Plus, bottled beer to go is as cheap/cheaper than what you’d pay in a retail store. Went there last summer; will be returning when I’m down that way in July (I live in SF Bay area).

    May Chuck have many more hoppy birthdays!

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