Beer Birthday: Jean Van Roy

Today is the 49th birthday Jean Van Roy, who took over the Cantillon Brewery in Brussels from his father several years ago, though he’d been working there all of his life. Considered a working brewery museum, they make some amazing lambics, and the tour is one everyone should take at least once in their life. Down an unassuming alley in Brussels, and not one you’d feel safe meandering along at night, Cantillon has been located there since 1900, when it was founded. I’ve met Jean a number of times, and he always strikes me as a man with beer in his blood, and a passion for what he’s doing, which makes him a kindred spirit as far as I’m concerned. Join me in wishing Jean a very happy birthday.

Me and Jean Van Roy
Me and Jean at the Great Lambic Summit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology & Anthropology on June 9 during Philly Beer Week in 2010.

Tom Peters, Frank Boon, Jean Van Roy, Fergie Carey and Armand Debelder
Tom Peters, Frank Boon, Jean, Fergie Carey and Armand Debelder at a Lambic Beer Dinner held at Monk’s Cafe in Philadelphia a few years ago.

Jean (on right), Yvan De Baets (center, who plans to open Brasserie De La Senne by the end of the year) and I believe Bernard (on left, also from De La Senne) at Deep Ellum in Boston during CBC in 2009.

Tom Peters and Jean at Cantillon during a visit there in February two years ago.


  1. Kim and Harry says

    Happy Birthday Jean Paul!!! Nice to see you earlier this year at the Trappist in Oakland and Cantillon last Sept. Keep up the great beers. Sure wish we could find them easier. Your family has really inspired Harry and his beer buds to try making sour ales. They’re hooked!!! Hope you have a great day!


    Kim and Harry Graham
    San Jose, CA

  2. says

    Bon anniversaire! It’s a great family and exceptional friends! Don’t miss when in Europe take some time to pay a visit. No similar degustation in all Brussels. Cheers!

  3. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Happy birthday Jean Paul !!!! Haven’t seen you in a long time so hope things are well for you! Got a email from Paul Peeters (Polle Plek) who took us to Cantillon our very first time, great fun and been back many times since and now we take people there. Hard to find the Cantillon beers here, the disappear so fast we can ever get them! Hope you have a great day!

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