Beer Birthday: Jim Koch

Jim Koch, the founder of Boston Beer Co., known primarily for their Samuel Adams beers, is celebrating his 68th birthday today. Jim was instrumental, of course, in spreading the word about craft beer, especially in the early days when Samuel Adams was often the first one to be available in many pockets of the country. Join me in wishing Jim a very happy birthday.

Daniel Bradford and Amy Dalton, both with All About Beer, sandwiching Jim Koch, and flanked by drinks writer Rick Lyke, who writes online at Lyke 2 Drink.

Me and Jim Koch
Jim and me at the annual media brunch and Longshot winner announcement at GABF in 2009.

After judging the finals for the Longshot Homebrew Competition in Boston. From left: Jason Alstrom (from Beer Advocate), Tony Forder (from Ale Street News), Bob Townsend (a food & drinks columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution), Jim Koch (founder of the Boston Beer Co.), yours truly (on assignment for Celebrator Beer News), Julie Johnson (from All About Beer magazine), and Todd Alstrom (also from Beer Advocate).

Jack McAuliffe and Jim at Boston Beer’s annual media brunch during GABF week four years ago.


  1. annie says

    Congratulations! Mr. Koch, on your life, great business, amazing beer and ultimatley your success in life.
    I was recently on vacation in Carmel and watched Roadtrip Nation on KQED. Your interview made an impressive impact on me…how can I get a copy of the interview? I would love to share your story with my children and friends.
    Consequently, I love your beer – the Chocolate is amazing, not found again though – and the Cherry Wheat is a new favorite.
    Thank you,
    Annie M. Planas
    Lake Havasu City, AZ (aspiring traveller)

  2. Chris Brosnahan says

    Happy birthday, Jim…my first Sam Adams (Boston Lager) was an ephiphanic moment for me…we’re both from the class of 1949!!!

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