Beer Birthday: Lucy Saunders

because beer is food: in cooking, at the table, and by the glass …

So begins the website of beer cook Lucy Saunders, whose birthday is today. Lucy has done much to promote both cooking with beer and enjoying food with beer through her books and other writings. She’s a treasure, in more ways than one. Join me in wishing Lucy a very happy birthday Lucy.

At the beer bistro in Toronto for Stephen Beaumont and Maggie’s wedding reception.

Lucy with Stacy Williams, Brand Manager for Gambrinus, at the Hot Brands reception at the NBWA Convention, when it was in San Francisco a few years ago.

During CBC in Austin, Texas in 2007, at the Moonshine bar for an event with Lucy for her book, Grilling with Beer. Here, Lucy with three contributors to her book, myself included.

Lucy with Vinnie Cilurzo at the GABF brewers reception in Denver in 2006.

Shaun O’Sullivan from 21st Amendment, Fergie Carey, co-owner of Monk’s, Lucy Saunders, the beer cook, and Tom Peters, also co-owner of Monk’s at the Canned Beer Dinner several Junes ago.


  1. beerman49 says

    Lucy- hope you have hoisted many good brews in celebration! Many thanx for including me & the San Andreas Malts’ Oyster BBQ in your 2006 “Grilling With Beer” (& to Jay for the nice photos & write-up)! In 2011, it’ll be on Easter Sunday – if you’re in town, come on down (you too, Jay)!

    Mark J K (just blew my cover),
    Richmond CA

  2. Kim and Harry says

    Happy Birthday Lucy!

    Missed seeing you at Ohio Brew Week this year!!! Sure enjoyed it the year before and made some of the dishes. I hear you have a new book coming out or maybe it is already, need to check it out! Have a great day!

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